R & R: Reiki and Restorative Yoga

I will be offering individual Reiki treatments while you relax in balanced and supported restorative yoga poses as well as group Reiki during Svasana.  Beneficial props would be a bolster, blanket and blocks if you have them. This class is suitable for all levels.

Chair Reiki will be offered during class.

Gateway to Madhya
A Yoga Practice Dedicated to Finding Space

In this mixed level practice, students will explore madhya, which is the space or pause between.  Madhya is the moment between inhalation and exhalation,  the time for transition between poses, the internal presence of akash, which is ether.  The class will include mythical insight, full spectrum asana, pranayama, mantra and meditation.  Students should arrive prepared for deep internal reflection and contemplation as well as a heightened physical expression.  

Metaphysically Fit Vinyasa Flow

This class starts in grounding stillness and moves through to high energy

~ focusing on breath & movement through flowing Hatha Asana ~

Vinyasa means “breath-synchronized movement,” and Vinyasa yoga is a

series of poses that will move you through the power of inhaling and exhaling.

Vinyasa movements are smooth flowing and almost dance-like.

This practice allows for steady increase in heat & detoxification.

~ Class incorporates Cardio, Strength & Flexibility simultaneously ~

~ Energetic Music to release blocked Energy ~

Free your body & mind



Lila- A Divine Play Practice

The world lila means play, and is most often associated with the play of the Divine, who creates freely, merely for the joy of it, out of spontaneous creativity.  The notion of lila is also used to explain human suffering.  Mysterious and tragic events are viewed as part of the mysterious play of the Universe.   As adults, we often lose sight of our own playfulness, and the essence of ourselves that is deeply embedded in our hearts.  There is deep healing and joy to be found when we allow the playful, childlike part of ourselves to shine forth in our lives, on and off of our yoga mat.

Join Sarah as she takes you through an asana practice inspired by Lila.  Expect to be both challenged and delighted as you weave through sequences designed to bring out your own spontaneous and creative nature.

Yoga Cosmology

The study of our individual nature and its relationship to the universe has been an essential aspect of the ancient study of yoga and its sister science, Sankhya Darshana, or Yoga Cosmology. This ancient philosophy explains in exquisite detail the essence of the universe and how consciousness operates.
Join us in exploring this ancient view of life and its components and how to see the world through a yogi’s eyes.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

In this hour-long workshop, Dr. Kristen Brendel, PhD, LCSW, E-RYT of Per La Vita Wellness and Mindfulness Center, will educate participants on evidence-based techniques for reducing stress and increasing holistic health and wellness. Participants will increase their understanding of mind-body connections, self-care, and will learn practical and easy-to-implement strategies for increasing focus, self-esteem, energy and resiliency.

The Power of Language: Calling in True Divine Love

Harness the magical Power of Language to call in your most Divine Love relationship! The relationship with yourself! What’s stopping us from attracting the love we so desire from others in our lives is the patterning of our ‘ego-mind’ that leads us into believe that what we want isn’t here, already inside of us. Fortunately, we can use language, a skill that is innate to us, as a tool to help reverse this ‘ego-talk’ and to align us to our ‘loving-mind’ attracting all sorts of loving relationships to make our hearts soar, including the most important relationship — our relationship to SELF!


This 60-minute workshop will provide guided meditations to connect to YOUR source of love. You will write a letter of divine affection to yourself that will attune you to the highest vibrations to attract your divine mate. Tips and strategies will be shared on how to embody elevated internal dialogue to attract and nourish your deepest love relationships.

Awaken and claim the love that is all around you harmoniously reflecting your true divine nature!

Nature as Medicine - an exploration of medicinal plants and their magic

Join Sarah for a 30 minute workshop where we will discuss the healing power of plants!  When we learn how to connect with and understand what Nature has to offer us as medicine, we are given the opportunity to feel empowered and supported fully by this earth and what grows upon it.  Sarah will share a few favorite remedies and tools for accessing optimal health and wellbeing in easy and intuitive ways.

Ayurvedic Medicine: An Herbal Talk

Om Namaha Shivaya. Mother Earth Provides. Turn your kitchen into your own Farmacy.

Herbal Medicine ~ Plant Medicine, Herbal Teas, Spice Extracts, Tinctures, Natural Antibiotics
Natural & Powerful Alternatives to Treat Common Ailments, Illnesses or Pain

Spirt, Soul and Mind-Connections to the Inner you!

Join me as we talk about the spiritual connections we have within and how we learn to listen to the right voice along with understanding how the soul, spirit and mind work in helping us to do so. Along with this we will also talk about Spirit Guides who and what they mean to us! So join me as you will learn how to be The True, Happier and Spiritually Healthier you!

Pranayama Talk and Practice

Pranayama are breathing exercises which clear the physical and emotional obstacles in our body to free

the breath and so the flow of Prana – life energy. Through a regular and sustained practice of pranayamayou can supercharge your whole body! Daily stressors, tensions and physical habits can create physical and energetic obstacles in our bodies. Without even noticing it our breathing can become gradually more shallow or stilted, we develop unconscious breathing patterns restricting the flow of breath and Prana. When we work on the freeing the breath through pranayama (breathing exercises) we are also working on letting the life energy flow through the body. It has the effect of energizing, relaxing and healing the body, letting everything fall into place.

Come and learn how to increase and balance life energy in your system.

Meditation with the Heartfulness Institute

Whether you are seeking stress reduction, relaxation, an individual meditation practice, or a deeper connection to your inner being, we welcome you to try Heartfulness. This meditation practice helps you dive deep within yourself and bring balance to one’s life. You’ll learn the practical techniques of Heartfulness relaxation (applicable for all ages) and meditation (for ages 15 and older). The meditation practice is free.

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Healing Touch Thai Bodywork with Kendall Sullivan

Experience both giving and receiving healing touch. We open with a short seated meditation to center and ground as a preparation for the exchange of bodywork. After warming the body with acupressure and compression, assisted stretches are incorporated to open and relax the body.
During this workshop you will have the opportunity to both give and receive. Come alone or with a partner!

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